My son didn’t play soccer

I knew my son did not fit in the mold since he was a little child. There was a time when I insisted he took soccer classes, only to see him go through insufferable pain. He used to cry  while I was hiding behind the trees, thinking it was a normal reaction and he would get used to his soccer classes. However, his crying and suffering would not change and one day I decided I did not want to torture him anymore. His incredible taste for “unconventional” interests became more noticeable as he grew, and I supported him unconditionally with love and acceptance, following the intuition only mothers have.

One day his preschool teacher told me he just wanted to play with the girls at recess. Then I began to understand him amd love him. However, I tried to encourage him to get involved in manly activities. Although he spent time with everyone, he showed penchant for other interests. I did not want to force it, or do something that made him unhappy, despite feeling the pressure of a society that imposes certain gender-specific behaviors.

Going through a devastating divorce, which psychologists described as a difficult process in the Oedipal stage (I personally think homosexuality is biological), he went ahead in his elementary and high school, and then to college, where he outstood for his creativity, his compassion for others and his great human quality. Adored by his brothers and sisters, he was demonstrating qualities that won him the respect of his classmates, other children, teachers and even school officials, who, aware or not of his sexual preferences, never took away their affection for him. If he ever was a victim of bullying by their peers, family and even me, due to my ignorance and weakness, today I apologize and I thank for this hard process of conviction, acceptance, revelation and truth, which has already come a long way and has made me more human.

Others will not have had the same fate, so I want to tell parents, siblings, teachers, colleagues, friends and family who are going through a similar situation, or those who share a space with people with different tastes of any kind, to support and defend them so they feel valued and accepted. The road is not easy, but we will be making a better world.

2 comentarios en “My son didn’t play soccer

  1. Ana Isabel Santo Domingo dijo:

    Claudia quiero expresarte mi admiración primero por atreverte a formar una familia numerosa en estos tiempos de tanta revolución y en el que la mayoría de las mujeres hacen su “aporte” de vaina con un hijo. Por otro lado por expresarte de esta manera tan genuina que seguramente ayudará a otras mamás millenials o no, a encontrar soluciones o al menos respuestas y solidaridad . Keep going! Me encanta leerte! Felices fiestas ! Un abrazote.

    Le gusta a 1 persona


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