Letter from my inner child

Hold me tight. I’m scared. I want to feel safe by your side. I wish to grow up in a world where hugs are only of love and forehead kisses are of caring and protection. I need your fingers on my back just to feel that cuddles only come from people who love me and that glances are only to see if I’m fine.

Protect me when it’s not like this. Make me talk when I’m not comfortable. Don’t let me be in silence. Even when I’m frightened by someone who upsets me. Let me wear what makes me feel good. It’s not to show my body. Keep me away from those who look at me in another way. Make me think different so that people can see me for what I know and not for what ir seems to be.

Teach me to face rejection. The beauty that matters is the one that I have inside. Don’t let me give myself away. Keep me safe from danger and bad company. Allow me to meet people who appreciate me for my feelings and for not for my body. Let me find someone who discovers my soul and then, together we can love each other. Thank you for taking care of me. 

With love, your inner child.


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